Warwick Rocks – Meet the team

The unsung heroes and organisers of Warwick Rocks, Warwick Food & Film Fest and local events. These occasions massively help boost retail on the high street, supporting Warwick small business.

We’re sure you will all enjoy the presentation and the opportunity to meet and ask your questions over breakfast at the High Pavement, Warwick.

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Warwick Rocks

Warwick Rocks is a term that began as a simple hashtag on Twitter, a phrase to describe a great night out or opportunity in the town.

This has evolved in the last two years into a brand that many will be familiar with, a driving force in making things happen in the town, and a way to bring together traders and authorities for the good of all. There is no political or financial agenda, simply making things move forward for the good of Warwick.

The last year has been a busy one with numerous promotions, not least the Warwick Rocks Food and Film Festival, with both summer and winter events.

As we look ahead into 2014 and the 1,100 celebrations for the town, it is looking like a very exciting year indeed, and I think by the end of it there will be few who could doubt that “Warwick Rocks!”

Warwick Rocks Team


vote-here3Vote Warwick!

Warwick Rocks is delighted to be supporting a project to bring arts and markets to the town’s museum as part of a special event this year.

However, it will only happen if the people of Warwick get behind it and get voting. We’ve got just two weeks from today until January 28th to vote for the Warwick project and turn the national arts spotlight on the town.

Warwick’s museum is one of only four venues shortlisted to take part in the national Museums at Night event.

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