Perfect Conditions…..

The Sailing Crew The Sailing Crew (2)
We were so lucky with the weather and although on arriving at Draycote we were met with dead calm (not a ripple in sight) I was more than just a little concerned it might turn into a paddling event as opposed to a sailing event. But after getting ourselves and the boats ready the wind came up and it turned out to be perfect conditions for budding sailors. Adam, Maxine and Sandra enjoyed themselves and we even managed to get a little  competitive when Adam decided to overtake the boat with the instructor in it and whooped for joy when we pulled ahead of them! It was great to spend time doing something relaxing away from work , completing the afternoon with a bar-b-q and drinks on-shore before heading home around 6.  Thank you to Maxine, Adam and Sandra (and Daisy) for a great afternoon on the water.
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