Sophie Howe – Inspiration and a green Mini!

Our guest speaker for November was Sophie Howe from Comtec Translations. Sophie is an expert linguist who is passionate about the importance of languages in international business. Her keen understanding of the challenges of managing language in doing business overseas has been gleaned from experience, both as an international brand consultant and working with exporters across the UK through her own business, Comtec Translations.

Sophie talked about her  journey from early starts when Isabella Moore started Comtec to the successful and growing business that it is today under Sophie’s leadership.  Her message in terms of what makes a great business is built on three key principles – communication, people and IT – and making sure that all these things are given the attention that they need is evidenced in the success of Comtec as a business. Where did that green mini come from? Well you will have to ask Sophie – it’s a great story!

Comtec supports businesses from a wide range of sectors by providing specialist translation and interpreting services. Working in over 150 languages, Comtec handles a wide range of projects, from translation and localisation of websites and technical manuals, to providing interpreting support at conferences and court proceedings. With clients across the UK and overseas in sectors including automotive, aerospace, energy, healthcare, and fashion, Comtec provides a trusted service based on rigorous ISO9001 accredited quality standards. Using the latest technologies to simplify the translation process, combined with technical know-how and linguistic expertise, Comtec provides a tailored solution to fit every project.


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