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The reason for developing the Marketing Improvement Programme is that feedback from the significant majority of small and medium sized businesses confirms that they rate the effectiveness of their marketing as either poor or very poor (or below 5 on a 1-10 scale where 10 is very effective). They also recognise that if they were able to improve their marketing in a sustainable way, they would have a better and more profitable business. The problem is they cannot find a way to do so cost effectively and in most cases therefore they carry on as before which means they continue to miss opportunities for growing sales and profits.

Alternatively some companies embark on tactical marketing activity which is not linked to their core strategy or relies on a marketing supplier which does not the capability or appetite to find out what the business is all about and what it is trying to achieve. This makes the business owner or directors more frustrated about marketing and more resistant to spending money on marketing in the future [see note (1)below].

The Marketing Improvement Programme provides a cost effective solution to these challenges. This is achieved in two stages, and it is this combination which delivers an exceptional return on investment and makes the proposition unique.

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Your Marketing Director
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